Circle 001

by JargMarbin

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Aggressive danceable fusion of aboriginal psychedelia, surf, folk, IDM, and rock 'n roll. Over 40 instruments woven together with field recordings of natural and human landscapes.


released August 8, 2009

Production, recording, engineering, design, lyrics, music and instrumentation by Chris Fluur. Supporting instrumentation on tracks one, three, four, six, and twelve; lyrics on track six by Isaac Streckenbach. Violin instrumentatin on track 12 Dale Baily. Special thanks to: Paul "Chicken Bomb" Streckenbach for providing stunning psychedelic imagery. Sunny "The Don" Sneckner for his upstanding, generally good-natured character. Mister Tim Bone Milkin for being a bad friend. "Good" John Sandgren for consistently providing us all tools of iniquity and inspirations of depravity. Bryon Gebhard for being such a good fishing buddy and Sam Wozniak for falling into all the muskrat pits. And Tom Kov.






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Track Name: Surfing The Jungle
I was running through the jungle, hunting, looking to kill.
Deeper then I'd ever gotten, passion drove me further still.
Babe you're too cold to hold, babe you're hot to handle.
When I take the psychedelic mushroom my mind solves your riddles.
What's next?
My heart beats in a warm chest.
Are you ready?
What's next?
My heart beats in a warm chest.
Track Name: Qwerk Dag
Track Name: This Is Your Life
This is your life.
Track Name: Psychedelic Woman
I feel like I recognize you, I remember your face.
Perhaps from a dream, a vision, or outerspace.
Psychedelic woman.
Baby the sight of your body gives me a thrill.
I want to shake you through the night and
make some shockwaves the whole world will feel.
We'll shake the town baby drill right through the
China ground, yeah I know you want to, come on.
Psychedelic woman.
Rup pa pum pum goes the beat of the drum. rup pa pum pum.
(repeated backwards and forwards)
Psychedelic woman.
Track Name: Com Pute Ter
Track Name: Women Are Dangerous
The women are dangerous.
Track Name: Periquita Red Wine
My pant legs are lamp wicks for garbage.
I'm soaking up rank swill off the street.
My mind is grooving sharp aluminum airplane,
Highest altitude at cruising speed.
Periquita red wine with Lucy in the summertime,
I never felt so new and alive.
Alive, alive, alive.

My pant legs are lamp wicks for garbage,
soggy with suicides from the streets.
My mind is groove a severed leg in an airplane,
through the stratosphere at super speed.
Flipflops greasing out from under my feet,
making me dance, dance, dance.
Flipflops slipping out from under my feet,
making me dance.

My pant legs are lamp wicks for garbage
Soaked through with gasoline and germs from the street.
My head was swinging to the beat as I kicked that
Kickball at the Center for Delinquency.
Periquita red wine with Lucy in the summertime
I never felt so new and alive.
Alive, alive, alive.

I've been through and trekked the Desert of Stone.
I've worked myself till nothing's left but skin and bone.
Nobody whose successful is afraid to sacrifice.
There are times in every life you have to fight alone.
Track Name: Guitar Harp
This place is cold without a woman.
So I want to know if I'm wasting my time.
Sometimes it feels like your affections are fading.
Sometimes I just can't taste my wine.
Track Name: Oyster Duk
Track Name: Wisconsin
Singing away
I just relax.
In the warmth of the sun and the sight of the light painting the sky.
Beautiful daydream saturate my life.
Though the times may get bad, I'll be feeling fine!
Track Name: Cleveland Diner
Take the hookers back to Zacs.
Bump the X off of their back sides.
The fat one died.
I'll kill the blonde with John Sandgren's monkey wrench

Do you have a gun or a shovel that I can borrow?
We're gonna dig and shoot more then you
before this night's through.

It's time to party.
We know how to party.
Me and my friends.
Track Name: I Feel Lost
The stoplight's looking tempting.
It's half dressed.
Staring back at you,
Crazy nymphos wearing brass necks.
Attractive-looking lollypop, shiny and red.
Pedal to the metal you might already be dead.
If you have a plan that will get you some action,
Take it to the limit, go as far as you can, and put up a fight
Get extreme in your methods seem ferocious seem desperate.
Behind your wild eyes lies a future unseen yet.

You're a monster, just a monster
Living in the real world.
You're a monster, just a monster
Living in the real world.

Don't eat
Don't sleep
Don't walk
Don't quit
Keep runnig
Keep working
Keep loving
Keep smirking

There's life on the other side of the dirt.
Peel your eyes to the void.
Keep alert for a sign.
Bide your time or a curse you will find fastened fast to your hide.
Discover your patient mind and you'll shine
Track Name: This Song Was A Gift